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CAGS monthly meetings

CAGS Monthly Meeting

John Carter, a confirmed atheist, will give a talk entitled Atheism, Religion and LGBTI, Using personal experiences and information from the contemporary world, he will put forward the case for rejecting religious explanations of the human condition, and will suggest that members of the LGBTI community would do well to be suspicious of all religious belief systems.

CAGS Monthly Meeting

Filmmaker, painter, gay rights activist, author, gardener – Derek Jarman packed many roles into a short life. Jarman In Pieces is a performance collage comprising original songs, film, interviews from people who knew Jarman and his work. Created and performed by Project Adorno.

CAGS Monthly meeting

The second in our new series of monthly meetings. Our guest speaker will be photographer Tom Dingley, instigator of OUTCOME, a photographic portrait project in which each sitter holds their childhood photograph, showing who they once were, to the person they are now. Tom will talk about the project and its aims, and about the studio day, to be held later, where we will have the opportunity to become involved.

CAGS monthly meeting

John Dixon and Ross Burgess talk about Paradise Press, the publishing arm of the Gay Authors Workshop. They will be reading from some of the Press's recent and not-so-recent publications, and there will be books for sale at a special price.

CAGS Monthly Meeting

Prompt 8pm start please. First of our new series of monthly meetings.The group has taken on many new members recently so sitting in a circle with name tags will give a good chance for people to tell the group about themselves.This is not compulsory but hopefully most of you will join in. Hopefully we shall have a good cross section of members... women, trans gender, asian, african, caribbean and old timers like myself who may wish to speak about their past so that we can understand each other a little better. After introductions, topics can be chosen for future meetings.


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