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CAGS Epsom Downs Walk

Led by Francis the walk from Tattenham Corner station over Epsom Downs to Headley (lunch at the Cock Inn) and back to Tadworth station. About 5 miles and no big hills. Train from East Croydon,10:07 (9.50 from London Bridge) arrives at Tattenham Corner at 10.40. Parking details unknown.

Pre-CAGS garden party ERECTION day

Thursday afternoon, after the group meal, we are planning to erect the decking/canvas structures etc for Sunday's Garden Party at Roger and Ross's house. Can anybody help on Sunday too ?. We will need people to collect the money, help with the food, deal with the drinks and rubbish, washing up, etc, Cooks can create a quiche or cake etc. Speak to Ross or Roger in advance. GUESTS PLEASE RING A WEEK IN ADVANCE SO WE KNOW THE NUMBERS COMING. Chris


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